Tuesday, November 30, 1993


Hood is a 64 (crimped due to die issues at Ford's Dearborn Factory)
Has a dent in front filled in with bond (hopefully can save it)

Saturday, October 30, 1993

Wheel Wells - Removed Fenders

Checked out Wheel Wells and shocks/spring mounts

Tuesday, September 28, 1993

Trunk / Gas Tank Area

I found that the motor ran without running from the gas tank so I will have to replace it.

Saturday, August 28, 1993

Removed Fenders

Took off fenders, front valence, bumpers and lights (engine numbers match!)

Passenger Side

Drivers Side

Monday, July 26, 1993

Floor - Removed Interior

I removed the seats and console to get a better look at the floor boards.

Which are rusted out (as well as rockers), but surprisingly the seat pans are fine.

Floor & Rockers

Passenger sider rear seat floor pan & inner rocker

Seat Pans and Transmission Hump

Friday, June 25, 1993

Factory Numbers

When a mustang was made they would mark it to the skid that it would go through the plant on. A worker would mark it in ink (which would be under paint and over time would rust and show)
It is on main cowl on left passenger side of panel by radiator and battery.

C337 = Skid# 337
76A = 76 Convertible Body and A Raven Black Color
486 = 4 Interior 86 Standard Interior Code
PT = Power Top
BL = Backup Lights

Thursday, June 10, 1993

Started the Car

We ran the motor from a gas can since the fuel tank was not working.