Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wheels, Wheels, Wheels...

Out of round....

The car had a wobble... even though the suspension, wheels and tires were all new... and had them aligned and balanced... the brand new steel wheels are out of round.

So.. contacted Mustangs Unlimited to see what they would do. Luckily a friend was driving to their store location.

The manufacture says that you have to put the wheels on a Lug Centric Balancer NOT typical one 99% of tire places use. I have taken the car to at least 3 different wheel places by now.

I jacked the car up and got the tires off. Found a Ford Dealer with the proper tool and we will see how all this shakes out. * Hopefully the manufacture will take back bad rims and refund my money if not and they say they are ok they will send them back and I will sell them on ebay or something. One was so bad the guy taking the tire off said he had NEVER seen this before.

So far Mustang's Unlimited has been a great source for parts especially with how much money I have spent with them I hope in the end only thing I am out is my time.

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